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That’s what it comes down to. When you are charged with a crime, you want someone experienced in fighting criminal charges. With more than 30 years of experience and numerous wins under his belt, Terry Wallace can help.

Offering Representation Throughout Will County And Grundy County

Working For The Win

Attorney Terrence J. Wallace assists people charged with crimes in Illinois, including DUIs, assault, robbery, drug crimes, auto theft, rape, domestic violence and traffic violations. Terry has been defending people for over 30 years. That means he knows the jurisdiction and the judges. He has the strategies and the perseverance to work for your most favorable case outcome.

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Consequences Of DUI Convictions In Illinois 

A DUI conviction in Illinois can mean huge fines, losing driving privileges, skyrocketing insurance rates and possible jail time. You want someone who knows the system and will give you your best chance at fighting these charges. Terry Wallace has the know-how and experience to stand with you against these charges.

How Do I Get My License Back After DUI?

In Illinois, DUI convictions can mean losing your license. So how do you get it back? We know the process for RDP or Reinstatement of Driving Privileges. We’ve helped many people through these hoops, even people with multiple DUIs who thought they would never be allowed to drive again.

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Work With An Attorney Who Has Proven Results

Attorney Wallace has more than two decades of experience and victories for his clients. He is often referred by his clients to friends and family. That kind of trust can only be earned through hard work and a winning reputation. Call his office in Lockport to schedule your appointment at 708-903-1606. You can also email him if that’s easier. Get in touch now.

Going For The Win

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