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Attorney Wallace has Handled
Thousands of Criminal Law Cases

Criminal Defense Attorney Terrence Wallace

Attorney Terrence J. Wallace (Terry)

Attorney Wallace Goes ALL In For The Win

Criminal cases are nothing more than a game of chess and going in blind without a plan can be foolish. As the knight of the criminal courts, attorney Wallace can jump over every barrier that is in your path to freedom and fairness. Our team will be in your corner and will put you in a favorable position to better the odds of victory. We will strategize to keep moving forward and will not resign until we have done everything we can to help you. Attorney Terrence J. Wallace has more than 30 years of experience. He is in it for the win – and he will not back down.

A Former Will County Prosecutor Who Understands How The System Works

As a lifelong resident of Illinois, attorney Wallace wants nothing more than to defend his fellow community members who have been accused of committing criminal offenses in and around Joliet. After graduating law school in 1989, he worked as Will County’s Assistant State Attorney before pursuing a career with a private law firm. With decades of experience handling criminal cases and an insider’s perspective as a former Will County prosecutor, he is the one to go to for quality representation.

As your advocate, attorney Wallace can refute the evidence against you, litigate your case, negotiate for a reduced charge or sentence and fight for an acquittal. He can do a deep dive into your case to figure out where mistakes were made and how he can weaken the argument being waged against you.

Do not let the evidence build against you without putting up a fight. Call TODAY for help!

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