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Criminal Defense Attorney Terrence Wallace

Assault & Battery Lawyer – Lockport, IL

Assault & Battery Attorney – Serving Will County & Grundy County

If you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges of assault and battery or other violent offenses, an aggressive criminal defense is often the best legal strategy. Attorney Wallace takes a proactive and aggressive approach to defend your rights for people accused of assault / battery, domestic violence, aggravated assault charges, and other crimes of violence. 

If you have found yourself facing charges of assault or battery, it is important that you reach out to an experienced lawyer quickly for help. Attorney Wallace has the experience and knowledge to help you  fight battery and assault charges. He understands how the system works, and he work hard to ensure that you receive the best defense possible for your case.

Attorney Wallace can help you with these bodily harm charges:

  • Abuse or criminal neglect of a long term

  • Aggravated assault

  • Aggravated battery of child

  • Aggravated battery of unborn child

  • Aggravated battery to senior citizen

  • Aggravated battery with firearm

  • Aggravated domestic battery

  • Assault

  • Battery / Aggravated battery / Heinous battery

  • Battery of an unborn child

  • care facility resident; criminal abuse or

  • Disclosure of location of domestic violence

  • Domestic battery

  • Drug induced infliction of great bodily harm

  • Interfering with domestic violence report

  • Neglect of an elderly or disabled person

  • Violating order of protection

How can you fight assault and battery charges?

If you are convicted of assault and battery, you could find yourself in jail. This could be a very difficult situation, especially if you have a family to provide for or a job you could lose. It is so important to find an experienced lawyer to defend you from these charges. 

Contact An Assault & Battery Lawyer For Help

There are many defenses to assault and battery charges. In order for a criminal defense attorney to help you, they need to understand the details of your case. Attorney Wallace can help you – call today for a free consultation and case review.  

Defend Your Future, Name and Freedom - Call Now For A Free Case Evaluation!

If you are currently incarcerated, our team at Terrence Wallace will explain your options in person. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with attorney Terrence Wallace and start fighting your case.

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