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Anyone who’s been arrested for DUI in Illinois can tell you that the resulting automatic driver’s license suspension (statutory summary suspension) can seriously impact your life. The inability to drive can affect you personally and professionally—hindering your ability to manage daily household routines and hindering your ability to get to and from your job.


Of course, the first thing on the minds of people arrested for DUI is regarding the length of time their driver’s license will be suspended. A DUI arrest triggers an automatic suspension (statutory summary suspension) of between 1 and 3 years:

First offense: 6 months for failing the test or 1 year if the BAC test was refused

Second or subsequent offenses: 1 year for failing the test or 3 years if the BAC test was refused (these offenses are not eligible for driving relief)

First-time offenders not only face the shortest period of suspension but also have a higher probability of being able to challenge their suspension, get it rescinded, or of obtaining a Monitoring Device Driver’s Permit (MDDP). First offenders are defined as people who have never before been arrested for DUI; they are also defined as people who have not had a DUI arrest in the last five years. 

The next question on the minds of people arrested for DUI is that of knowing when they can get their driver’s license back. There are many answers to this. The first, most obvious answer is at the end of a suspension period. The second answer might involve the assistance of an attorney who could help to challenge the suspension at a hearing. Challenged successfully and depending on when the hearing occurs, a person might never have to serve their suspension at all or the suspension could get rescinded before the suspension period is over.

Absent a successful challenge to a suspension, an attorney can instead help with applying for an MDDP. Only first-time offenders whose DUI arrest did not result in the injury or death of another person are eligible for an MDDP. A person with an MDDP must have a Breath Alcohol Interlock Device (BAIID) installed on their car within 14 days of receiving it.

An experienced attorney can help you figure out the best strategy for getting your driver’s license back as quickly and with as little impact to your personal and professional life as possible.

If Mistakes Were Made During The Investigation, We Will Find Them

There are several defense strategies we rely on to successfully challenge DUI charges.


We have raised defenses to DUIs such as:

  • The chemical test was contaminated

  • The police administering the chemical test did not receive proper training

  • The traffic stop was unlawful

  • Your constitutional rights were violated

  • The test malfunctioned

  • Witnesses do not agree with the police’s version of events

Every traffic stop and case is different. Call us for an individual case assessment, and attorney Wallace can discuss possible defense strategies with you.

We Will Fight For A Reinstatement Of Your Driving Privileges

For you, driving may be necessary to get to work, purchase groceries, go to school, take your children to daycare, attend doctors’ appointments, go to court and complete other important tasks. Without a license, your life may come to a halt as you try and juggle transportation options.

Fortunately, we are here to defend your driving privileges so that you can get to where you need to be. We will also represent you in an informal or formal hearing depending on your individual case and fight for reinstatement. We will successfully present your case and ability to operate a vehicle safely and advocate for reinstatement.

Contact A DUI Lawyer For Help

Attorney Wallace can help you – call today for a free consultation and case review. 

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