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CDL Violations Lawyer – Lockport, IL

Commercial Driver's License Attorney – Serving Will County & Grundy County

A CDL – commercial driver’s license holder is held to a higher standard than a person holding a regular drivers license. The Illinois Secretary of State closely regulates the federal guidelines to govern its commercial drivers. The CDL privileges can be taken away through disqualification of your CDL – Commercial Driver’s License. We will help you for fight for your job and your career if you have been charged with a moving violation or other CDL violation.

If you can’t drive, you cannot earn a living. A traffic ticket on your MVR – motor vehicle record can raise your insurance premiums, and can have an effect on current and future employment. Attorney Terry Wallace has been able to help his clients have tickets dismissed, and in some cases – have tickets changed to a non-moving violation. We can help you keep your record clean.

A CDL driver’s license holder has their license verified every year. Any moving violation can make the difference between being hired, fired, or keeping your current job. If you have received a ticket for any of the following moving violations, contact attorney Wallace immediately to schedule a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation.

Offenses leading to a CDL disqualification include:

Major Offenses

  • Alcohol & Drug related offenses

  • Leaving the scene of an accident

  • Death caused due to negligent CMV operation

  • Operating a CMV without a valid CDL (disqualified, suspended, or revoked)

Serious Traffic Violations

  • Excessive Speeding

  • Improper Lane Changes

  • Following other vehicles too closely

  • Causing a fatal accident due to violation of any motor vehicle control law

Railroad Crossing Violations

  • Failing to check that tracks are clear

  • Failing to stop

Out of Service Violations

**You can also receive points for any moving violations below, including:

Contact Attorney Wallace to learn more about points assigned based on various offenses:

  • DUI

  • Failure to reduce speed

  • Following to close

  • Improper lane usage

  • Overweight tickets

  • Reckless Driving

  • Speeding

Contact A CDL Defense Lawyer For Help

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